Sunday, July 7, 2019

Gillian Lee writing


Gillian Lees attempt to climb Mount Everest

This year in May Gillian Lee a mountaineer made his fourth attempt to climb Mount Everest with no oxygen tank. He did not waste time climbing with the crowd of 200-300 people so he took the Tibet route on the North side of the mountain.

At 7600 meters up Gill started to feel dangerously ill. He was constantly coughing and the state he was in got worse with every step. The Sherpas noticed this and took action immediately. He had to be dragged back to his tent in order to survive this deadly adventure. On their way down they met a team of Chinese rope fixers who helped save the day by helping Gillian Lee down the mighty Maunga. He was strapped in his sleeping bag that was used as a sled. His Sherpas kept him warm and gave him oxygen so he could make it down safely. If he had not come down he would have been frozen like an ice-cube. Once they have arrived at base camp he was put in a helicopter and taken to Kathmandu hospital where he is treated well.

Gillian’s mum had traveled to Nepal to see her son. Her reactions were very unpleasant. She was angry at her no good son and had tried to talk him out of this multiple times. She was furious at him for not taking her advice but she was glad that he had made it down safely.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My speech

Have you ever wondered why New Zealand is the best country? Well, prepare to find out all of the amazing things in Aotearoa that makes our country wonderful.🐱🐱Enjoy🐱🐱

New Zealand is a neat little country with amazing and beautiful landscapes. Our beaches are outstanding and our forests and bush are lovely to walk in. I go for walks in the bush and I love listening to the gorgeous songs our birds sing. I like sitting in the shade with the big pine trees towering over me. I also enjoy going for swims and getting pushed back to shore from the strong powerful waves.

In this country, we have a few animals that are only found right here in New Zealand. One of them is the Kea. Do you know that kea are well known for pulling window wipers off peoples cars and eating the strips of rubber from the windows? Another is the Tuatara. Did you know the Tuatara has a third eye but it gets covered up with skin as it gets older? And last but not least the kiwi. The kiwi is New Zealand's mascot and the kiwi fruit is named after the kiwi too!

New Zealand is probably one of the cleanest countries in the world. We have banned one of the main threats to our planet and that is the deadly plastic bag. It may be useful in some ways but it is a killing machine to our animals like the turtle. The turtle will think that it is a jellyfish. But once they get this scoffed down their throat they will choke and die. This is one of the ways that New Zealand is making an effort to protect our country’s wonderful environment.

Maori is a language that is only found in New Zealand. Maori are the Tangata Whenua, the indigenous people of Aotearoa. The haka is an ancient dance of New Zealand. It was usually to prepare a war party for battle. New Zealand's rugby team the All Blacks are well known for performing a haka before every test match. Did you know our accent was voted the best in the world this year!
New Zealand is nuclear-free. It had become nuclear-free ever since 1987. Prime minister David Lange banned nuclear stations and anything that relates to that. Ever since that had happened New Zealand has been a lot more unpolluted and now without nuclear stations, Our country has had better air to breathe and better water to drink all thanks to banning nuclear stations.

New Zealand is an amazing country and I hope you have learned a lot of ways that make our country the best. Thank you for reading my speech and I hope you have learned some things and will consider New Zealand the best country.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

What makes me a leader

Me and my class made a poster about why we are a good leader. Read this poster to find out all of the thing s that make me a leader.

It was fun getting all the pictures on and making it look pretty but the main thing we had to do is put all the reasons why I am leader.